15 Famous Manifestos We’d Like to See

Famous People, Famous Manifestos

What change would you like to see? Here’s a list of 15 famous manifestos we’d like to see…

1 Healthy Food for Healthy Profits

The truth about what’s in our food and who’s making money from cutting corners. Mmm… Healthy Profits…

2 Wikileaks for Corporates

A manifesto for transparency in the corporate world.

3 The Manifesto for Climate Design

Climate Changes doesn’t go far enough. We now need to actively design the climate we want.

4 Politicians for the People

Banish and expose self-interested, selfish and self-promoting politicians. It’s time for politicians who really do represent the best interests of the people.

5 Spokesperson for Endangered Species

Dead animals don’t speak. We need a voice for endangered species. What would they say to us?

6 Decriminialize Drugs

If drugs were legal it would save a fortune on policing, building jails and fighting wars in Afghanistan. This is money better spent on helping those in need.

7 The Great Parent Guide

What does it mean to be a great parent? Times have changed and what worked previously may not work today. Is this true or not?

8 Design Education for the Masses

The single best way to create a better world is to provide education for people to create change. In other words, design education.

9 Population Control

Perhaps the single biggest factor driving climate change is our exploding worldwide population that is creating an all-consuming demand for food, water and other resources.

10 The Global Guide to Inclusion

The ravenous rage of violence in the streets is driven by the psychological need to full included and having a respected identity in the community. End the disenfranchised. Promote community building.

11 Homer’s Odyssey

Homer Simpson is a modern day flawed genius. Let’s nail him to the cross and make a god out of him. It time for the Homer religion!

12 The Love Thy Neighbour Campaign

All of the world’s major religions hold the view that we should treat each other as we would like to be treated. Unite our religions to end religious wars.

13 The Global Refugee Solution

The global movement of people is a clash of the rich and the poor. The poor arrive to seek a better life. The rich shut them out to protect theirs. A global solution is needed.

14 Ban Political Correctness

Political correctness treats us all like idiots. It’s time to swing the pendulum back to an intelligent and sensible respect for honest and directness.

15 Marx’s Other Manifesto

The philosopher Groucho Marx once said “Life’s too Important to be taken seriously.” What are Groucho’s principles for living?


Do these already exist? Let me know and I’ll blog about them.

If not, who’s going to create them? Is it you?



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