Is Ko-fi better than Patreon to make money from content?

Is Ko-fi better than Patreon to make money from content?

I want to make money from my content. Is Patreon or Ko-fi a viable way to do this? And which is better? Should I set up a Patreon page or a Ko-fi page? How YouTubers Make Money from their Content I’ve been looking at lots of other video creators as to how they make money […]

Seven Questions to Make Money as a Content Creator

Make Money as a Content Creator

How do you make money as a content creator? This is the big question that all content creators face at some time in their careers. In this post, I’ll share the seven key decisions you need to make to earn money as a content creator. And I’ll share my example – as I’m tackling the […]

Speakers Business Models

Speakers Business Model

What is a Speakers Business Model? A speakers business model is a way of operating a business for a professional speaker. Every business has a business model. It’s how you run your business. Popular examples include a retail store or an online store. They’re both stores but they run their business differently – they operate […]

It’s a Short Stack to the top if you to rock Web2.0 style

In previous RAPs, notably We Blog and Marketing Now-How, we’ve been discussing how the new Web 2.0 tools are changing the dynamics of business. In particular, the use of social media to promote and market yourself. There’s a great article on The Age website that captures this beautifully in the arena of music. The article […]