The Great Business Gestalt

How Web2.0 Has Merged Your Business, Your Customers And Your Competitors. The Book Amy Shuen; Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide Speed RAP The dividing line between where your business stops and starts just evaporated. You, your customers and your competitors have merged into one interconnected force. The Big Idea The five principles of Web 2.0 […]

The Remarkable World We Live In

This morning I woke to see another avalanche of emails descending on my inbox. As usual, I scanned through to see if there was anything interesting…Sure enough, there was and one in particular stood out. It was from someone in the US who was asking for permission to use one of my images in a […]

It’s a Short Stack to the top if you to rock Web2.0 style

In previous RAPs, notably We Blog and Marketing Now-How, we’ve been discussing how the new Web 2.0 tools are changing the dynamics of business. In particular, the use of social media to promote and market yourself. There’s a great article on The Age website that captures this beautifully in the arena of music. The article […]

The Great Web 2.0 Distinction

Web 2.0 is big. I don’t need to tell you that. I often find myself talking about it to people who simply don’t get it. They think Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube are a waste of time. Perhaps they’re right or perhaps they’ve been left behind… I’m currently reading Sarah Lacy’s book on Web 2.0. She’s […]