The Great Business Gestalt

The Great Business Gestalt How Web2.0 Has Merged Your Business, Your Customers And Your Competitors.

The Book

Amy Shuen; Web 2.0: A Strategy Guide

Speed RAP

The dividing line between where your business stops and starts just evaporated. You, your customers and your competitors have merged into one interconnected force.

The Big Idea

The five principles of Web 2.0 success are:

1 Users Create Value,
2 Networks Multiply Effects,
3 People Build Connections,
4 Companies Capitalize Competence and
5 New Recombines with Old.

The common denominator of these principles is: sharing. When we share we unite, we collaborate, we synchronize, we co-ordinate and we incorporate. And, we banish competition.

Your Challenge

Gestalt your business and rewrite your business plan in the context of Web 2.0.


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