The Neuroscience of Innovation

The Book

Eye Create: The Neuroscience of Innovation

Gregory Berns; Iconoclast: A neuroscientist reveals how to think differently

Speed RAP

What makes true innovators so creative, so successful – and so rare? What makes them tick? And how can we learn to be a little more like them? In Iconoclast, Berns answers these timeless questions with surprising insights into the human brain. He suggests three roadblocks prevent us from being true innovators: our perception, overcoming our fears and our social intelligence.

The BIG Idea

Your plastic brain! Through real-time mapping of living people, neuroscientists are working out how we really think. And, their insights into human behaviour are changing your future.

Your Challenge

It’s time to create something ‘neu’! Check your roadblocks. Create a plan. Change your world.


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