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Brenton Sanderson - Seven Steps to Resilience

7 Resilience Lessons from Football

I love sport. And, I love it because I see it as a place to test your limits. I love the physical toughness of the various football codes. I love the finesse and skill of tennis and cricket. And, I love the mental toughness of cycling. The other arena that comes to sport as a…

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Graeme Cowan

Graeme Cowan – Build Your Resilience

Graeme Cowan – Build Your Resilience, Boost Your Mental Fitness Episode 015 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Resilience Graeme Cowan is a former Management Executive who crashed and burned – in a big way. After suffering with depression for over 5 years he tried multiple attempts to take his own life. Ten years…

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Sam Cawthorn

Sam Cawthorn – Bounce Forward – Podcast

Welcome to Episode 007 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic… In this interview, we talk with Sam Cawthorn author of Bounce Forward: How to Transform Crisis into Success. Sam presents an inspiring story. As the result of a car crash he died for several minutes. Added to the loss of his right arm he…

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Sam Cawthorn - Bounce Forward

Book Review – Bounce Forward

The Book Sam Cawthorn Bounce Forward: How to Transform Crisis into Success John Wiley & Sons, Australia, 2013. Author’s Website SamCawthorn.com The Big Idea Bouncing back to where you were before your crisis is a flawed strategy. Sam, should know, having lost his arm in a car accident there was no going back to life…

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