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Sam Cawthorn
Bounce Forward: How to Transform Crisis into Success
John Wiley & Sons, Australia, 2013.

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The Big Idea

Bouncing back to where you were before your crisis is a flawed strategy. Sam, should know, having lost his arm in a car accident there was no going back to life before. Instead, any crisis – by choice or not, is an opportunity to re-invent and create new opportunities.

Speed RAP

The four principles of Bounce Forward are:

  1. Crisis creates opportunity
  2. Proximity is power
  3. Leverage the positive to fuel success
  4. Bounce forward not back.

And, this book includes a simple, research backed 12 day crisis turnaround challenge.

Who is it For?

Anyone facing a crisis or wanting to take your results to a new level. Use it yourself, share it with your team and apply it throughout your organisation.

Book Rapper Says…

This book is a rare blend of inspiration, solid research and here’s how you do it. Do yourself a favour and buy it, read it and live it.

Listen to our interview with Sam on the Ideas Architect Podcast

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