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Ainslie Hunter: Courses That Matter

Today, we’re talking with Ainslie Hunter from Courses That Matter. Ainslie’s out to start an online Education Revolution by ending those crappy online courses. Instead, she’s creating high quality teaching within membership sites and ecourses. What prompted you to create your manifesto? I had wanted to create a manifesto ever since I saw the one…

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IdeasCulture interviews Book Rapper

IdeasCulture interviews Book Rapper On Monday night I presented at National Speakers Victorian Chapter Meeting.During the break NSAA Vic President, creative thinker and ideas expert Yvonne Adele did a quick interview with me on her flipcam. Here it is… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbCb6p8UnIg Check out Yvonne’s cleverly creative crowdsourcing on her site: www.IdeasCulture.comAnd, follow her on twitter, she’s…

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