Ainslie Hunter: Courses That Matter

Ainslie Hunter - Courses That Matter

Today, we’re talking with Ainslie Hunter from Courses That Matter. Ainslie’s out to start an online Education Revolution by ending those crappy online courses. Instead, she’s creating high quality teaching within membership sites and ecourses.

What prompted you to create your manifesto?

I had wanted to create a manifesto ever since I saw the one Clare Lancaster created for her business. The problem was I didn’t know what I really stood for online.  In December 2010 I decided to launch Courses That Matter and Catherine Caine suggested I create one to not only help with me creating a vision for what I wanted to achieve but also for others to see why I think teaching is so important.

How did you go about creating your manifesto?

The words came over a couple of nights.  I would sit down at the computer and just keep answering the same question:  Why does teaching matter?  After I had a comprehensive list I played around with the placement of the words. When I first put in on the site it was just as a post.   Then approached Jonathon Woodward to create a PDF and image of my manifesto.

Where do you use your manifesto?

I plan to use my manifesto in a number of places.  It is on my vision board and I use it as a focussing tool when writing for my site or helping clients with their online courses.  I will also link to the manifesto in my online courses.  I want my members to see the core essence of what I believe and they can use it to guide them when they create their own course.

What specific benefit/difference has it made having a manifesto?

The manifesto is not just my brand.  It is also the essence of what I do, both online and face to face.  The manifesto has really been a guiding light for me as I create my business.  I think it has also helped me stand out in the crowd and show what I stand for.  It has become a declaration of what needs to change in online courses, especially those created by bloggers, and people have really embraced it.

Any other comments about manifestos you’d like to make?

I believe that words alone do not create a manifesto.  Graphic design and how it is displayed are just as important.

Thanks Ainslie!

Read more about Ainslie’s Manifesto:

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