My Flag Design

Geoff's Flag Design

Following on from our previous post on Five Reasons You Need a Flag, I was inspired. And, I felt like I couldn’t just leave it there. So, I’ve created my own flag design. Here’s my flag design and the story behind it… Purpose, Meaning, Story I believe all good design starts with the end in mind […]

5 Reasons You Need a Flag

Australian Flag

In our previous post we talked about five principles of good flag design. And, we suggested you that you need a flag for your business. In this post we share five reasons that you should design your own flag. 1 The Need to Think The most compelling reason that you need a flag is because […]

Five Principles of Good Flag Design

Good Flag Design

Previously, we shared Roman Mar’s TED presentation on Flag Design. We’ve added the TED talk here also. Good Flag Design In Roman’s presentation he talks about his obsession with flags. And, along the way he showcases some great designs and some lousy ones. Plus he shares five principles of great flag design from Ted Kaye’s […]

Roman Mars and Flag Design

Roman Mars - Flag Design

My Favorite Podcast My all-time favourite must-listen-to podcast (apart from the Ideas Architect podcast) is 99% Invisible created by Roman Mars. It’s a beautifully crafted, professionally polished set of stories about design. It tickles my fancy in multiple ways – it’s about design, the quality of production is beautiful and the stories are entrancing. I […]

The Fifth Manifesto Style

Australian Flag

Previously, I wrote about four manifesto styles. And, like the forgotten fifth member of The Beatles, I think there’s a fifth manifesto style that I’ve overlooked – the image. The Power of a Flag If you doubt that an image can hold the explosive power of a written manifesto you only need to consider the […]