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Positive Emotions

The Emotions of Innovation

The emotions of innovation are often either a missing or misunderstood part of the innovation process. The Role of Emotions My book of the year for 2019 was David De Steno’s book, Emotional Success. He is a researcher into our emotions. In Emotional Success, he talks about how our emotions set up our future actions.…

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A Whole New Mind

A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

How to Think Right This is the Book Rapper version of Daniel Pink’s best selling book, A Whole New Mind. We’ve rewritten the book so you can grasp that big ideas in under 30 minutes. We called our issue: How to Think Right. If you want our beautifully designed pdf copy click here. It includes audio…

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How to Think Right

The Book Daniel H Pink, A Whole New Mind, Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest, 2006 Speed RAP Logical, rational left-brain thinking is necessary yet no longer enough. The right brain skills of design, story telling, emotional empathy, the big picture, playfulness and creating meaning are the keys to succes BIG Idea Pink uses a great…

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12 Must Read Business Books

Here’s the Book Rapper 12 Must Read Business Books for April 2009… Good to Broke: Why some companies completely mess things up and others don’tJim Collins The Zero Hour Work Week: How to spend your time waiting for the Post-Global Financial Meltdown recoveryTimothy Ferriss Book Yourself Silly: The fastest, easiest and most reliable system for…

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Daniel Pink Goes Manga

Daniel Pink, author of Free Agent Nation (Amazon) and A Whole New Mind (Wikipedia) has written a manga comic. It’s illustrated by the award winning Rob Ten Pas. “The Adventures of Johnny Bunko” is touted as ‘America’s First Business Manga’. In the spirit of the One Minute Manager or Who Moved My Cheese, Johnny Bunko…

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Book Rapper Hot Books Hot Trends 2008

Make Money From Niches Derived from Chris Anderson’s The Long Tail The Hot Idea: Digitalization has lowered the profit barrier meaning we no longer need to rely on creating big selling blockbuster products. Instead, small profitable niches become a safe and reliable way to riches. Author’s blog: http://www.thelongtail.com/ Book Rapper: http://www.bookrapper.com/1_The_Long_Tail.html How to Think Right…

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