Work Freedom and True Work Life Balance

Work Freedom - Seven Principles for True Work Life Balance

Work Freedom – Seven Principles for true work life balance. Work Life Balance is something that we all want. We want to enjoy our lives, enjoy our work and boost our well-being at the same time. But the concept is flawed.  It’s like we’re putting work and life on a see-saw – work up one end […]

The Business Model Manifesto Podcast

Why do we need a Business Model Manifesto? The Business Model Manifesto reflects one of the most important things in business right now. The right business model can let you make money more quickly and more easily. The wrong business model can slow your progress and make you work harder than you need to. What […]

When You Are Your Business, Part 2

Mind The Gap

Previously we shared three rules for business that are different for when you are your business. Today, we offer four more rules for you to consider if you are a solopreneur, individual business expert or personal consultant. Your business lives in your head Are you finding it hard to switch off? Always checking your email? […]

When You Are Your Business

Mind the Gap

The Solo Business Gap Have you fallen into the gap? I read a lot of books… the usual range of business stuff on marketing, branding, strategy and a whole lot more. Also, I work with individual business experts and I run my own business as a solo operator. When I link these two activities I […]

Michelle Bowden: Be the Expert in Your Field

Michelle Bowden

Michelle Bowden is Australia’s top Presentation Skills Trainer. Here she talks about how she built her business over the past 20 years to be the number one expert in her field. This is episode 031 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: Michelle Bowden Michelle Bowden is an expert in presentation skills and in particular […]

How to Become the Apple of Your Industry

This slideshow is derived from the Book Rapper version of John Edson’s fabulous book: Design Like Apple – Seven Principles for Creating Insanely Great Products Services and Experiences. Your challenge is to take these principles and become the Apple of your industry.   How to Become the Apple of Your Industry from Geoff McDonald

How to Profit Like Google

Derived from Jeff Jarvis; What Would Google Do? PROFIT : One thing Google does really well is execute. Now it’s your turn. Select one action from our list of 24 below and execute it. Quickly, easily and well. Not perfect, well. Then pick another and another. Who know’s you might become as profitable as Google… […]

What Business Are You In? Part 2

Following from our previous post, here’s some clues to get you started creating your Elegant Response… Economics • Would your business be Big or Small? • What would be Abundant? What would be Scarce? • How would you use Open Source? • Which Niches would you cater to? Design • Would you make Stuff or […]

What Business Are You In? Part 1

Derived from Jeff Jarvis; What Would Google Do? PROFIT : So, the economy has changed, there are new rules for designing a business, how we arrange things has altered and we need some new values and viewpoints to be successful. How do we do that? Here’s our Action Plan for getting you Googlized… What Business […]

What Would Jarvis Do? Part 2

Derived from Jeff Jarvis; What Would Google Do? PROFIT : Having modelled Google’s success, Jeff Jarvis speculates on how other industries could move forward. Here’s more of Jarvis’ speculations for you to consider… Manufacturing If Google made cars they’d design it as a platform for others to modify their work. Think Google Maps. Here’s the […]