What Would Jarvis Do? Part 2

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Jeff Jarvis; What Would Google Do?

PROFIT : Having modelled Google’s success, Jeff Jarvis speculates on how other industries could move forward. Here’s more of Jarvis’ speculations for you to consider…


If Google made cars they’d design it as a platform for others to modify their work. Think Google Maps. Here’s the basic form, the basic shell, the basic infrastructure. Now, you can modify it anyway you want. Go ahead, make it your own. Design your car on top of our platform.


If Google was in the food business it would build a highly efficient trail of information to determine what people really wanted. Then they’d offer this.

Real Estate

If Google sold real estate they’d instantly cut out the middleman and link buyers and sellers directly. Just like Ebay. They’d provide a search facility for meeting each other. They’d provide all the stats you need to determine a good deal in your preferred location. And, they’d provide you with the tools, like Google Docs, to sign contracts and make it happen.


If Google was in banking they’d cut out the middle man and directly link up borrowers and lenders. They would pursue peer-to-peer lending like Prosper.com. Getting and giving a loan would become transparent. And, with their piles of data they’d be able to advise clients on how to improve their spending habits.


If Google was in Advertising… hang on, they are! They offer Pay per performance, highly targeted niche ads with a self-service system.

Lawyers and PR

What would Jarvis do? He and his blog audience suggest that Lawyers and PR are immune to Google Think. The problem he sees is that having clients would prevent them from operating in a transparent way. This would shut down collaboration, trust and the sharing of data. Data sharing is core to the Google way.

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