What Would Jarvis Do? Part 1

Derived from
Jeff Jarvis; What Would Google Do?

PROFIT : Having modelled Google’s success, Jeff Jarvis speculates on how other industries could move forward. Here’s a selection of Jarvis’ speculations for you to consider…


Jeff Jarvis

If Google ran newspapers, they’d immediately get rid of the paper. Turn off the presses – we’re digital now!
They’d stop trying to control and sell their content – they’d make it free. Instead they’d earn revenue by matching stories and relevant ads.
They’d build a new platform for collaboration. Instead of ‘us’ journalists and ‘them’ readers, they’d create a network of fans, supporters and contributors.
They’d also niche it. Google would splinter the content into highly targeted searchable sites that appealed to smaller distinct audiences.


If Google was in retail they’d provide a host of information to let you choose your selection more wisely. Reviews, stats, stories, recommendations. Like Amazon they’d also know exactly what you bought so they can offer personal suggestions in the future.


If Google was in Education they’d build an online campus. All the course materials would be available fully searchable online for free. They’d build a platform for study groups to form around subjects and to collaborate on projects. Education would be a social event rather than a closed school.


If Google was in the energy business… hang on they are! 1% of Google’s profits go to Google.org, it’s philanthropic arm charged with the mission of reinventing our energy economy. Their key strategy here is invention and innovation. Find ways to lower the cost of energy. Find ways to provide an endless, sustainable supply so we don’t have to cut back. That’s the Google way!


If Google was in Publishing… hang on, they are! Google owns Blogger, one of the major blog software applications that’s available for free. Significantly, they already offer one of the best ways for a blogger to make money from their posts: targeted advertising. This already makes them one of the great niche publishers too.

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