How to Profit Like Google

Derived from
Jeff Jarvis; What Would Google Do?

PROFIT : One thing Google does really well is execute. Now it’s your turn. Select one action from our list of 24 below and execute it. Quickly, easily and well. Not perfect, well. Then pick another and another. Who know’s you might become as profitable as Google…

  1. What Would Google Do?Talk with your customers : Create a direct path for your customers to talk with you. Start a conversation, find out what’s on their mind and build a relationship.
  2. Streamline It : Pick a stumbling block, speed bump or something that’s broken. Redesign it to create an elegant streamlined, efficient operation in its place.
  3. Give up control : What can you give up controlling? Who can you hand the decision and ownership to? Don’t abdicate your power, create partnership.
  4. Blog It : Build your credibility by sharing and demonstrating your expertise through a blog. Enable others to get better results with less effort.
  5. Join a network : Join LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, a Meetup group and a professional body for face to face contact.
  6. Niche It : Create niche versions of your products and services aimed at very specific groups with very specific needs.
  7. Build your own network : Use the tools of others to create your own network. A Facebook fan page, Twitter page or Ning platform will get you started.
  8. Cut out the middle man : Check your  list of suppliers and spot opportunities to go direct. Cut the delay and the added cost by going to the source.
  9. Network It : Turn your organizational chart into a network diagram. Draw connections inside and outside your organization to show how it really functions.
  10. Create Your Own Principles :  Read Google’s Principles  and then create your own. Publish it on your website for all to read and comment on. Then, go live it!
  11. SEO Your Organization : Be found on Google with quality content designed to attract search enquiries. Your site should demonstrate your expertise.
  12. Free Yourself : Redesign your product offering to provide some aspect for free. Up the digital quotient to make this feasible.
  13. Go beta : What ever you’re working on, move the release date forward. Get it out there ASAP as a beta. Invite others to improve it with you.
  14. Cut the Crap : Remove the spin, the misinformation, the sales bluff and the PR fluff. Create a new communications policy – an honest, direct one!
  15. Collaborate : Create your next product so it can be designed by your customers. Open source it, create a cause and invite others to play with you.
  16. Accelerate : Create your product faster, deliver it faster, get paid faster, get new customers faster, get existing ones coming back faster… Go! Quick!
  17. Visit the Website : Check out all that Google has to offer. Refine your searching. Use Gmail, Google Reader and Blogger to mobilise your info.
  18. Go Live : Practice going live and living live. Open closed doors and release your news as it happens. Twitter is a real time outlet. A tweet a day keeps the…
  19. Design Innovation : Create a deliberate plan for everyone in your organization to contribute to your future. Creating it, building it, fulfilling it, relishing it!
  20. Product Sex : Combine new things together – your products or someone else’s. Find complementary offers  to make new bundles or mashups.
  21. Simplify : Cut your product features back, remove unnecessary process steps. Make life easier for you and your customers.
  22. Think Distributed : Create multiple ways for people to access you and your offers from various locations and in various formats.
  23. Read the Book : Grab multiple copies of Jarvis’ What Would Google Do. Share them with your colleagues. Read it, discuss it and apply it to your situation.
  24. Continue the Conversation : If you want more on What Would Google Do read Jeff Jarvis’ blog at

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