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The Expert Manifesto

Are you a business expert? This could be a speaker, trainer, business coach, thought leader, ideas guy or a consultant. Then you know the importance of leading and selling with your ideas. Here are our seven principles for the ideal Expert Business in our manifesto:

  1. Own Your Own Niche
  2. Attract Your Ideal Clients
  3. Unite with a Double-sided Vision
  4. Share a Philosophy to Buy into
  5. Build and Idea that Scales
  6. Play a Game Worth Winning
  7. Write the Rules for Success

For more: Download The Expert Manifesto (pdf)

The Expert Manifesto

Want to be in my next book?

The current book I’m writing is Manifesto: Double Sided Vision. And I want to include you in this project. First, you’ll need to create a manifesto. Here are some resources to help you out…

DIY Resources

  • Blog Posts: We have over 75 blog posts on Manifestos – click here for the full list
  • 200+ Examples: Visit our project site to view over 200 inspiring examples across a wide range of topics and formats – this includes words, visuals, songs, movies, books and symbols.
  • Buy my Book: Available on Amazon for Kindle for less than the price of a cup of coffee

Group Events

We don’t have a face-to-face workshop or online seminar planned at the moment. We’ll only do this if there is enough demand. If you want this let us know here.

Personal Attention

Do you want to work with me to create your manifesto and be in my next book? We can do this in three one hour online coaching conversations.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Focus, clarity and inspiration about who you are and what you stand for.
  • A basic plan for how you can use your manifesto in your social media, content marketing and general business promotion.
  • Some ideas on the products and services  you can create based on your manifesto.
  • We’ll feature it in an upcoming ebook – you can use this to promote yourself.
  • We’ll include it my new book – you can use this to promote yourself.
  • We’ll publish it on
  • We’ll interview about it for a podcast episode on the Ideas Architect Podcast. You can re-use this to promote yourself.
  • We’ll create a visual graphic for it so you can share this on social media, on postcards and in your presentations. You’ll definitely want to use this to promote yourself!
  • We’ll also publish it on a complementary blog post on my website linking to your website and your podcast episode.

Previously, I’ve charged over $1000 for this service. And now I have bundled the same full service (3 personal coaching sessions) with 12 months of group coaching in The Create Club.

The Create Club