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How to define your manifesto to fulfil your purpose and be inspired everyday.

Business Model Manifesto

The Business Model Manifesto

Business models… what are they and why are they important? This is the fundamental question I’ve been asking myself as I prepare my presentation to National Speakers next week. The title is ‘Business Models for Speakers’. And, thus I’ve created ‘The Business Model Manifesto. It offers ten principles for understanding business models. 1 Are like…

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Three Parts to Your Purpose

Three Parts to Your Purpose

Your purpose is your benchmark for decision-making in your life and business. Here we look at three things to help you Define your business and life purpose. Choose or Not Whether we choose it or not we have a purpose – and so does every business. Whilst ad-hoc purpose often leads to distraction and failure,…

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The Purpose Economy

There is something very simple and very powerful that unites us all. And, that is a basic desire to find meaning and purpose in our lives. It probably all started at the same time language was born because to understand words, sentences and language we need to create meaning. And, in those not-so-good days of…

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The Apple Manifesto

The Apple Manifesto

Generally, manifestos have not been widely used in the corporate world. And, as part of my mission to change this, I want to showcase some powerful examples of corporates doing it well. And, the best place to start is with one of the most profitable companies on the planet: Apple. In my eyes, the Apple…

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Why You Need Stories - Business Story

Transforming Stories

Walking and Talking I went for a walk today with my friend and colleague Mark Molony. Mark is a crisis worker, therapist, educator, facilitator and business coach. He’s the inspiration behind my recent celebration of 300 straight days of meditation – this was the direct result of attending one of his mindfulness programs. During our…

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Manifesto Project - How to Write a Manifesto

Everyday Declarations

One of the core elements of a manifesto is the power of the declaration. When I share this with people I’m often asked what do we really mean by a ‘declaration’? The key to understanding declarations is to consider it as a creative action. They literally create the future. One of the best ways to…

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Hip Hop For Canteen

Nineteen Songs for a Cause

Normally, when we think of a manifesto we think of a written document like the US Declaration of Independence. And, recently we showed that a manifesto can be a visual image or symbol in our post Eleven Iconic Manifestos. Now it’s time to explore the auditory spectrum with songs that promote a cause or protest…

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