How to write a manifesto in 60 seconds

How to write a manifesto in 60 seconds

How to write a manifesto in 60 seconds A manifesto is a powerful tool for creating the future. This might be for your personal use, team, organisation or community – the structure and format are essentially the same. In this post, I’ll walk you through the two essential steps you need to write a manifesto. […]

Three big reasons to write a Thought Leader Manifesto

Three big reasons to write a thought leader mannifesto

The three big reasons to write a thought leader manifesto, answer the three big problems faced by business experts, consultants and professional service firms. How do you: Show up to potential clients as a solution to their problems? Scale your ideas and grow your business? Overcome the fear associated with sharing bold ideas? The good […]

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Thought Leadership Content

The Ultimate Guide to creating Thought Leadership Content - The Content Creation Manifesto

We need more Thought Leadership Content While the world doesn’t need more content – we’re already drowning in it – we desperately need more thought leadership content We need people to make sense of the chaos, to provide clarity in our uncertain world and, most importantly, to present fresh possibilities and alternatives to the choices […]

Thought Leadership Content

Thought Leadership Content

Thought Leadership Content – What is a Manifesto?  Thought Leaders sell their ideas and they can do this by sharing thought leadership content.  But in a noisy marketplace where everyone is yelling for attention, how do you attract your ideal clients and keep them coming back for more again and again? You don’t do this […]

Carolyn Tate – The Purpose Project

Carolyn Tate

Carolyn Tate – The Purpose Project Carolyn Tate is an author, educator and community builder. She has written five books with her latest being The Purpose Project. (Her purpose is to write books that truly matter.) She is also an educator running workshops and speaking to groups about how to bring purpose to work and […]

Geoff McDonald – The Ideas Architect

Geoff McDonald: The Ideas Architect In this special 100th episode we turn the tables as Suzanne Mercier interviews The Ideas Architect himself Geoff McDonald – we talk about podcasting, board games, Book Rapper, Project Passion and purpose. The Ideas Architect Podcast In Episode 100 of The Ideas Architect Podcast we discuss: Why I created The […]

The Business Model Manifesto Podcast

Why do we need a Business Model Manifesto? The Business Model Manifesto reflects one of the most important things in business right now. The right business model can let you make money more quickly and more easily. The wrong business model can slow your progress and make you work harder than you need to. What […]

The Business Model Manifesto

What is the Business Model Manifesto? Business models… what are they and why are they important? This is the fundamental question I’ve been asking myself as I prepare my presentation to National Speakers next week. The title is ‘Business Models for Speakers’. And, thus I’ve created ‘The Business Model Manifesto. It offers ten principles for […]

Three Parts to Your Purpose

Three Parts to Your Purpose

Your purpose is your benchmark for decision-making in your life and business. Here we look at three things to help you Define your business and life purpose. Choose or Not Whether we choose it or not we have a purpose – and so does every business. Whilst ad-hoc purpose often leads to distraction and failure, […]

The Purpose Economy

There is something very simple and very powerful that unites us all. And, that is a basic desire to find meaning and purpose in our lives. It probably all started at the same time language was born because to understand words, sentences and language we need to create meaning. And, in those not-so-good days of […]