The Create Club - Inspire Yourself

What could you create in the next 12 months if you were truly inspired?

Take a moment to consider your best ever year… What was great about it? What made it the best?

And compare this to your last 12 months…

To be inspired every day you need to define a vision for your future. Do this the right way you can inspire your clients too. That would be good for you, good for them and great for your business.  

Even better, you could attract your ideal clients who value your expertise, love working with you and happily pay premium prices.

To achieve this you need to create a unique offer and deliver extraordinary value day after day. This begins with your business philosophy and ends with implementing your great ideas steadily and consistently over time. 

The Create Club is a 12-month program to help you create your ideal business. And most importantly, to create the world you want to live in.

The Create Club - Learning CurveThree Parts

It consists of three parts:

  1. Inspire: create a unique vision to inspire yourself and your clients
  2. Attract: Promote your unique business philosophy to attract your ideal clients
  3. Deliver: Build a business that consistently provides extraordinary value

Program Elements


Define your unique position in the marketplace to inspire yourself and your clients every day. This includes:


Create and share your business philosophy to attract your ideal clients. This includes the creation of:


Create and deliver on high value business projects. This includes 12 months of:

Bonus: Learn

Access a host of support materials from some of the best business thinkers on the planet. This includes:

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If you participate for the full 12 months and don’t have your best year ever then I’ll refund your money in full.  

Apply Now

The Create Club is a small, hand-picked community of business owners and leaders who are committed to do work they’re proud of and leave a legacy of having made the world a better place.

Admission is by application and invitation only.

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