7 Ann Handley and CC Chapman: Content Rules

Content Rules Book Cover Our fourth post in a series counting down the 10 most influential books I’ve read this year – 2011.

Ann Handley and CC Chapman: Content Rules: How to create killer blogs, podcasts, videos, ebooks, webinars (and more) that engage customers and ignite your business (Book Website)

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We previously reviewed this book here so we’ll cut to the chase…

  • Every business needs a content marketing strategy.
  • This is the best book I’ve read on content marketing.
  • It includes tips, tricks and case studies.
  • It enhanced the quality of the Ideas Marketing webinars so much we even did a Book Rapper version webinar on this book.

Buy it if you’re use content to promote, educate and sell your business.

Here’s the slideshow from our webinar on this book: Captivate Your Clients With Killer Content – Slideshow.

Number 6 in our Top Ten Most Influential Books 2011: Scott Belsky : Making Ideas Happen
Number 8 in our Top Ten Most Influential Books 2011: Nancy Duarte: Resonate

Buy Content Rules on Amazon

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