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Content Rules: How to create killer blogs, podcasts, videos, ebooks, webinars (and more) that engage customers and ignite your business. Phew! That’s got to be the second longest book title ever!

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Author 1: Ann Handley

Ann was ranked the Most Influential Woman on Social Media a couple of years back. Which is seriously stunning. She’s probably best know as the Chief Content Officer over at She does great work!

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Author 2: CC Chapman

I think his real name is Charles, but CC it is. Well, really, it’s almost CCC isn’t it? Yeah. He comes with a background and love of music and a lot of podcasting experience. He has his own Wikipedia page, which is always pretty cool. Started Digital Dads and he’s doing a bunch of speaking and consulting as well.

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Five Word Summary

Content is the new Advertising.

Most of us are totally sick of being sold to. We wanna be informed or educated instead, and that’s why I think this book is so important.

Book Rapper Thinks…

If you’re doing anything around content marketing you need a copy of this book sitting on your desk next to you. It’s filled with checklists, it’s got a lot of tips, lots of suggestions, and some good frames for why and how to build your content empire.

I’ve been using it to create my webinars, and I’m proud to say, I’ve ticked off probably about 20 of the 25 tips that they’ve suggested around that. And, best of all, webinars is working for my business in generating leads and sales whilst building my reputation.

Buy It Because…

If you’re publishing content to promote your business (and in my world, that should be all of us) then this is your online reference book.
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