How to Choose the Right Product

The Product Food Chain

A simple framework for choosing the right product for you to create is the three Cs of the Product Food Chain: Capture, Create and Congregate. 1 Capture The first level of product creation is to capture what you’re already doing. For instance, in Speaker mode you can make an audio or video recording of you […]

5 Reasons You Need a Uniform

One of the eight primary elements of Ideas Marketing is the artifact. And, one of the most under rated artifacts in terms of branding building, attracting a tribe and community and personal image is a uniform. And, I’m not talking about the type of uniform that the military or the police wear. I’m thinking more […]

My Flag Design

Geoff's Flag Design

Following on from our previous post on Five Reasons You Need a Flag, I was inspired. And, I felt like I couldn’t just leave it there. So, I’ve created my own flag design. Here’s my flag design and the story behind it… Purpose, Meaning, Story I believe all good design starts with the end in mind […]

5 Reasons You Need a Flag

Australian Flag

In our previous post we talked about five principles of good flag design. And, we suggested you that you need a flag for your business. In this post we share five reasons that you should design your own flag. 1 The Need to Think The most compelling reason that you need a flag is because […]

Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins

My Favourite Podcasts One of my favourite podcasts is 99% Invisible. Each episode of the show tells an enchanting story usually about some design, architecture and the 99% invisible things that shape our lives. They head my list of my seven favourite podcasts. A Challenge Coin One of their recent episodes is a perfect story […]

Why You Need a Uniform

Football Fans Uniform

One of the eight components of Ideas Marketing is the artifact. Previously we defined this as: An artifact is any device, tool or thing that allows us to presence our big idea and bring it to life. One important tool to presence our big idea is the clothes we wear. In particular, when we wear […]

Artifacts and Ideas Marketing

Artifacts and Ideas Marketing

What is Architecture? Back in my architect days I became really disappointed with one of the common ways people defined architecture. The general view was that there was ‘architecture’ and there was ‘mere building’. Supposedly, architecture had some special quality that ‘mere building’ didn’t. I’m not convinced. In my eyes, a more useful idea was […]

Extended Business Cards

USB Business Card

Extended Business Cards Previously we wrote about the Pros and Cons of Business Cards. And, we finished with the important question: How can you use your business cards to bring your big idea to life? Today, I want to offer some solutions to this challenge. Three Levels of Business Cards To put this into context […]

Business Cards – Pros and Cons

Business Cards - Geoff McDonald

Why I haven’t bothered with Business Cards Ah Business cards! They are one of the essential promotional tools every professional needs in their bag. Well, not quite. Personally, I haven’t used them for almost two years. There are two main reasons I haven’t bothered with business cards: Most of my work comes from referrals and […]

Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product

This is an excerpt from the Book Rapper issue called Pioneer: How to create and manage innovation. It’s derived from Eric Ries’ best selling book The Lean Startup. Perhaps the most popular term from the Lean Startup methodology is the Minimum Viable Product or MVP. This is the product version that enables a full turn […]