Hero’s Journey: Create your Brand and Marketing Message

Donald Miller - Building a Story Brand Book Cover

Hero’s Journey and What You Do The Hero’s Journey is a great tool to use when you’re asked the inevitable business question: What do you do? How do you usually answer that? Do you respond with a generic category? “I’m a… Business Coach, Accountant or Trainer.” Do you respond with your job title and business […]

Toby Marshall – Lead Creation Strategies

Toby Marshall – What’s Hot in Marketing and Lead Generation Toby Marshall is the founder of Lead Creation – a B2B marketing agency that does both the strategy and the implementation of the marketing. Toby and his team employ the strategy of online>offline>online. This means you start by making online connections, then meet face-to-face at […]

Tim Graham – Build a Fit Business

Tim Graham - Integrity Group Fitness

Tim Graham: Integrity Group Fitness Tim Graham runs a group fitness centre in Ballarat, Victoria called Integrity Group Fitness. Traditionally, gyms and the fitness industry have focused on short-term results through boot camps and weight loss. This view shapes how fitness centres promote their service. And it is best demonstrated by the TV show The […]

How to Choose the Right Product

The Product Food Chain

A simple framework for choosing the right product for you to create is the three Cs of the Product Food Chain: Capture, Create and Congregate. 1 Capture The first level of product creation is to capture what you’re already doing. For instance, in Speaker mode you can make an audio or video recording of you […]

5 Reasons You Need a Uniform

One of the eight primary elements of Ideas Marketing is the artifact. And, one of the most under rated artifacts in terms of branding building, attracting a tribe and community and personal image is a uniform. And, I’m not talking about the type of uniform that the military or the police wear. I’m thinking more […]

My Flag Design

Geoff's Flag Design

Following on from our previous post on Five Reasons You Need a Flag, I was inspired. And, I felt like I couldn’t just leave it there. So, I’ve created my own flag design. Here’s my flag design and the story behind it… Purpose, Meaning, Story I believe all good design starts with the end in mind […]

5 Reasons You Need a Flag

Australian Flag

In our previous post we talked about five principles of good flag design. And, we suggested you that you need a flag for your business. In this post we share five reasons that you should design your own flag. 1 The Need to Think The most compelling reason that you need a flag is because […]

14 Marketing Trends for Thriving in the Digital Era

Meatball Sundae: Thriving in the Digital Marketing Era

        Marketing Trends Marketing trends emerge when the rules of marketing change. And marketing has changed have changed because of the new digital tools. That’s the blunt message from marketing guru Seth Godin in his best-selling book Meatball Sundae. (I summarized as the Book Rapper issue Marketing How-Now). Seth defines 14 marketing trends […]

What’s Your Business Category?

Unfortunately, our brains are lazy. They’re high-energy fuel sucking neurons. Fortunately, over thousands of years of evolution our brains have developed a number of short cuts to help us balance their need for energy and still retain their function. One of these shortcuts is the use of categories or generalizations. For instance, when we see […]

Challenge Coins

Challenge Coins

My Favourite Podcasts One of my favourite podcasts is 99% Invisible. Each episode of the show tells an enchanting story usually about some design, architecture and the 99% invisible things that shape our lives. They head my list of my seven favourite podcasts. A Challenge Coin One of their recent episodes is a perfect story […]