Eight Innovation Sandbox Rules

Innovation Sandbox

What is an Innovation Sandbox? The opposite of hiding innovation is to create a public place to play – an Innovation Sandbox to promote rapid iterations. Did you play in the sand as a child? This might have been in your backyard sandpit or perhaps at the beach. It was a chance to get dirty, […]

Five Principles of Good Flag Design

Good Flag Design

Previously, we shared Roman Mar’s TED presentation on Flag Design. We’ve added the TED talk here also. Good Flag Design In Roman’s presentation he talks about his obsession with flags. And, along the way he showcases some great designs and some lousy ones. Plus he shares five principles of great flag design from Ted Kaye’s […]

Unlock the super simple secret to Innovation Work

Innovation Work

Innovation Work Innovation work is now something we all need to perform. Innovation is so fundamental to not just growing a business, but also ensuring it stays relevant and viable. Disruption is potentially all around us and because we have previously been successful is not guarrantee it will continue. It is no longer adequate to […]

Design Stories

Apple - Magic Mouse

The allure of this TED talk by Yves Behar ‘Designing Objects That Tell Stories’ is that it brings together two powerful threads for me: Design is my lifelong passion Stories are my current focus This video is really a showcase of Yves Behar’s design work upto 2008 (The talk was presented February 2008). And, there […]

What is a Wicked Problem?

Wicked Problem

Previously we talked about Skinny Problems and Fat Problems. Today, we’re going to talk about even fatter problems – Wicked Problems. They have their own unique qualities and properties. And, here’s five symptoms of Wicked Problems so you’ll know one when you meet it face-to-face. Wicked is Not Wicked We’re not talking about wicked witches […]

Fat Problems

Fat Problems

Previously we talked about Skinny Problems. They’re easy to identify and solve. In contrast, Fat Problems are not so easily solved. And, they require a wider focus and possibly design thinking to do so. WE prefer skinny problems Our thinking uses up so much energy, our brains have evolved to use shortcuts. As a result […]

Five Symptoms of Skinny Problems

Australia - World

As the world becomes more integrated and more complex, the importance of using Design Thinking increases. However, it’s not always needed. Some problems are simple. They’re skinny problems because they can be solved with a narrow focus. These problems don’t really need design thinking. [Tweet “Five Symptoms you’re dealing with a Skinny Problem #designthinking “] […]

Wicked Thinking: How to Resolve Complex Problems

Can Wicked Thinking Resolve Climate Change?

Wicked Thinking: How to Resolve Complex Problems. Episode 016 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Geoff McDonald shares a Book Rapper recording. In this episode he takes the ideas from Eric Knight’s book Reframe: How to Solve the World’s Trickiest Problems and raps them for you in under 30 minutes. Our Topic: Wicked Thinking We live […]

Interview with Eric Knight – Reframe

Recently, we rapped Eric Knight’s book Reframe: How to Solve the World’s Trickiest Problems. And, I had the good fortune to meet with Eric in Sydney and do an interview with him. In the two-minute video, Eric gives a quick overview of his book. And, in the 25 minute audio interview we go into more […]

Twit Rapper: Design Advantage

Twit Rapper was created as a spin-off from my Book Rapper book summaries. Book Rapper summaries take a leading business book and redesign it so you can read it in about 30 minutes. Twit Rapper takes these summaries and redesigns for you to read in FIVE minutes. They’re a series of 26 tweets in a […]