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Gandhi and the Starfish

I watched one of my favourite movies last night… the 1982 spectacular ‘Gandhi‘. Yep, it’s now 26 years old and given it won 8 Academy Awards it might be worth a look simply because it’s a good movie. It’s presented in pseudo documentary style and I presume, given it’s a Richard Attenborough movie, that’s it’s…

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Book Rapper Blog Restart

Hi folks,I’m back again. I’ve been a bit quiet on the blog front. Time to correct that. What to expect… a few more posts about books and ideas and trends including: RAPPED : Previously, I was thinking that I’d concentrate on the Book Rapper issues only – updates, follow-ups and downgrades as new info comes…

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Meatball Sundae

What business are you in? Marketing delivers the answer to that and marketing just changed!Old Marketing was about selling beige products to beige people by interupting them with advertising.New Marketing requires a product worth talking about and tools to attract interested people to your offer.Seth Godin points to something big! Every single business model is…

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How to Think Right

Logical, rational left-brain thinking is necessary yet no longer enough. The right brain skills of design, story telling, emotional empathy, the big picture, playfulness and creating are the keys to success. Daniel Pink’s A Whole New Mind uses a great ‘right brain’ metaphor that is pulled together into several simple themes. The content is a…

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The Long Tail

Chris Anderson shows there is money to be made in very small niches. The big shift has been in access to the Internet. Previously to make a good profit you needed high production volume and a best-selling product. Now, through our PCs it’s easier to create things and the Internet gives us all access to…

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Blog Mission

Welcome to the first post of the Book Rapper blog. Book Rapper’s RAPs are like book summaries on steroids. We track the hot trends through books, dig out the key ideas and present them visually with do-able actions for you to implement. This blog is a discussion about the hot books and the hot trends,…

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