Web Line 20: Twit Rapper’s Web Line A-M

Web Line 20: Twit Rapper’s Web Line A-M

Derived From
Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Trust Agents


Web Line 19: Companion Pieces Worth Reading – Trust Agents

Book Rapper summarizes leading business books so you can read them in 30 minutes.
Twit Rapper summarizes the Book Rapper issues so you can read in 26 tweets or in five minutes.

3A #WebLine: What You Need To Succeed Online. Derived from: @chrisbrogan and @julien #TrustAgents

3B Big Idea: To succeed online using social media you need to lead from behind. If you help enough people the sales will follow later.

3C Speed RAP: The web + social media is re-humanizing business and our interactions with each other. Build trust. Be helpful. Converse.

3D Your Challenge: Stay above the #WebLine! Become a lighthouse leader. Attract a followership and help them avoid the rocks.

3E The #WebLine is the benchmark of what the top web performers, like @Chris Brogan + @Julien Smith, are doing for their online success.

3F Book Review: The info sources we used to trust we no longer do. Trust, like attention is now at a premium. Build it to succeed online.

3G @BookRapper Thinks… This book’s got more action than Die Hard 8! @BookRapper is now changing its approach to the web. Consider changing yours!

3H #TrustAgent = Digital natives, multi-channelled, non-sales oriented, genuine, transparent, connectors, humanizing business.

3I Social Capital = the wealth made from knowing and working with other people: refer, collaborate, advise, keep up, chill out

3J Six Qualities of a #TrustAgent: stand out, belong, use leverage, build relationships, help others and assemble an army

3K Gatekeepers play by the existing rules. Gatejumpers play by their own rules. Make your own rules to win.

3L Flip: To be loved in your community be the gatekeeper. Thwart the threats whilst letting the good stuff pass through.

3M Make your own game: create a new category, define the rules + standards, be different, start small, get there first.

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