Ten Tenets of Good Conversation

Ten Tenets of Good Conversation

Previously we talked about the six phases of conversations – the 6Cs as a replacement for the 4Ps of marketing. If conversation trumps communication every time, then what makes a good one? Knowing what makes a good face-to-face conversation is important and applying it your marketing is critical. 1 Natural Forced is fake! We can […]

The Mobile Revolution

Michael Saylor - The Mobile Wave

Mobile computing is the tipping point of the Information Revolution. The rise of mainframe, mini, desktop and netbook computers was merely the warm-up act for the main game. And, if you thought things had changed a little recently, well… get ready for more disruption and opportunity. In this episode of the Ideas Architect Podcast we […]

Sticky Ideas

Read Me - Book Cover

An Elegant Idea There are cars and them some. There are people and those other ones. And, there are ideas and elegant ones. Part of the art and science of creating great ideas is to design them so they are simple, memorable and easy to pass on. We want our ideas to stick like that […]

25 Favourite Apps and Software

Evernote - favourite apps

What are your favourite must have can’t live without apps and software? Here’s a list that I’ve compiled with a little help from my friends from Facebook and the people who read my weekly newsletter. A big thank you to all those who contributed to this article! 25 Favourite Apps Canva – A simple graphics […]

When is it OK to work for Free?

Money tree - when is it ok to work for free?

When should you work for free? That can be a tricky question to answer sometimes… We discuss the pros and cons of working for free across eleven different scenarios. (Also available as a podcast episode to listen to – link at the bottom of this page)) [Updated 1 March 2022 – Podcast link added] Recently, […]

Your Business Reach

Seth Godin

Why I read Seth’s Blog Seth Godin writes one of the most popular blogs on the planet. He’s the only blogger that I read every post from. This comes down to three things: His posts are usually short and sweet – around 100 words in length They usually offer some interesting insights. Seth clearly looks […]

Marketing Conversations

Marketing Conversations

Previously we shared the three phases of Content Production to highlight how you’ll need to manage the flow of your conversational content. Today we want to share the six phases of conversation. It’s a conceptual framework and direction map for where marketing is heading and a replacement for the traditional 4Ps of Marketing – Product, […]

Seven Small Business Rules for Solo Operators

Seven Small Business Rules Small Business Rules! I love running my own business. But it’s not always easy. It’s tough being in business. Especially when you are a solo operator and you’re doing everything. While there is always more to do, that’s not the hardest point. Instead, the real challenge is knowing what to do. […]

Content and Conversations

Content and Conversations

What’s a conversation without content? … Uh … Silence. Mmm… Content is important, right? Previously content was mostly created by corporations. Now everyone’s involved. Here’s three phases of Content Production to highlight how you’ll need to manage the flow of your conversational content. Creation What’s motivating consumers to produce content? They’re becoming the new ‘mass […]

The Two Things to Blog About

Ghostbusters - What to blog about

One of the most common questions I hear around content marketing is ‘What should I blog about?’ And, I think there are two answers at either end of the spectrum. Whatever you like… The first is all about you. What do you want to write about? This is important. If you’re not writing or creating […]