Ten Tenets of Good Conversation

Ten Tenets of Good ConversationPreviously we talked about the six phases of conversations – the 6Cs as a replacement for the 4Ps of marketing.

If conversation trumps communication every time, then what makes a good one? Knowing what makes a good face-to-face conversation is important and applying it your marketing is critical.

1 Natural

Forced is fake! We can pick it in a face-to-face conversation and we simply expect it in your marketing-speak. Don’t talk just because you can. Ask permission before jumping in. When your brand is challenged respond as you would like to be responded to.

2 Honest

Advertising as communication is a lie. Ditch it! Fake conversations including flogs (fake blogs) will harm your brand. We will find out! You wouldn’t lie to your Mum so stop lying to the people you want as customers.

3 Balanced

Great conversations are like a tennis match with multiple players hitting the ball back and forth across the net. Host the party and provide a platform for your guests to enjoy themselves. Let the raw realities of the conversation expose themselves and work to amplify the experience.

4 Open

You can’t hide in the blogosphere. Someone always knows the truth. Be open and transparent.

5 Timeless

Links make it incredibly easy for conversations to grow. They also leave a conversational trail that may stick around to haunt you or flaunt you.

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6 Valuable

Conversations are for more than merely selling stuff. Add value and make a difference. Start a movement, take a stand, get out of the way and let it snowball.

7 Organic

Marketing campaigns start and end according to artificial deadlines. In contrast, conversations follow their own path. They last as long or as short as the passion survives. Let the conversation do what it was supposed to do – let it happen!

8 Heated

Consensus is nice. It’s also bland and benign. That’s what you get when everyone thinks the same. Build passion, and diversity. Promote respect for different opinions to spark conversations.

9 Viral

If you want your message to spread then give your audience something to talk about. The best stories disrupt the market and cut through the clutter. Make it easy for your customers to spread the word by giving them the platform and the tools to talk.

10 Productive

Sales won’t be the only result of your conversations. Sometimes your results will be indirect. Build the conversations and create new relationships.


This is from the Book Rapper issue Talk With Me that is derived from: Joseph Jaffe’s fabulous book Join the Conversation.


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