Nicola Vague, Evolving Leaders

Nicola Vague

Nicola Vague Nicola Vague is a HR and Organisational Change specialist with over 16 years consulting experience. Nicola has what I call a parallel career. One part is her study of the arts with a degree in music, a fascination with art therapy and practical experience with yoga, mindfulness and meditation. The other part is […]

Lessons from Book Rapper

Book Rapper

Book Rapper It’s seems fitting as I’m about to re-launch Book Rapper for the third time that I share with you some of the lessons that I’ve learnt along the way. Essentially, I started Book Rapper way back in 2007. It’s a book summary service where I take an important business book and rewrite it […]

12 Essential Tools I Use in my Business

Essential Tools

What are the essential tools you use in your business? In this short, sharp Ideas Architect podcast, here’s the top 12 essential tools I use in my business. These are the tools, software and apps that I use and recommend 100%. There are others tools I use and can’t vouch for as solidly. Also, to […]

A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink

A Whole New Mind

How to Think Right This is the Book Rapper version of Daniel Pink’s best selling book, A Whole New Mind. We’ve rewritten the book so you can grasp that big ideas in under 30 minutes. We called our issue: How to Think Right. If you want our beautifully designed pdf copy click here. It includes audio […]

How to Create Your Manifesto in Two Steps

Manifesto - Fulfil Your Purpose

Create Your Manifesto A manifesto is a public declaration of your intent. It’s a simple and powerful way for business experts to position their expertise. And, it’s a very useful framework for creating your content marketing. Our Topic In this episode, we’re taking the Manifesto section from our Content Marketing Blitz program to share with […]