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Nicola VagueNicola Vague

Nicola Vague is a HR and Organisational Change specialist with over 16 years consulting experience.

Nicola has what I call a parallel career. One part is her study of the arts with a degree in music, a fascination with art therapy and practical experience with yoga, mindfulness and meditation. The other part is her extensive business experience, which includes post-graduate study in Change Management, Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management. And, best of all, she brings all of this together in working with individuals, teams and organisations under the banner of Evolving Leaders.

Our Topic

It might sound rather obvious to say that ‘organisations are created by human beings for human beings’. Yet, based on current conversations, it’s seems we’ve forgotten this. In this podcast episode, Nicola Vague shares her ‘whole person’ approach view to explore creating organizational cultures and promote leadership.

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In this Podcast Episode

  • Ideas Architect PodcastHow change management has changed over the past ten years
  • The shift from left to right brain thinking and from the head to the body.
  • What happens when we’re not balanced around our masculine and feminine energy
  • What are values and why are they important
  • The value of courage for leaders to project their voice
  • The role of diagnostic tools to create a snapshot of organizational culture
  • The importance of leadership at all levels throughout the organization – and not just at the top.
  • Why self-leadership is an essential component of strong organizational cultures.
  • The difference between vertical and horizontal leadership
  • Why simply having more women leaders is not the answer to better leadership
  • The shift from organizational mono-cultures to diverse cultures
  • How to provide a spine of order for your organization amongst the chaos and uncertainty of everyday business
  • How to be an alive and awake human being

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