Podcast Episodes: How long should they be?

String and Podcast Episodes

Podcast Episodes I’ve had a few people ask me recently about podcasts. And in particular, how long should your podcast episodes be? This is like asking about the length of string. It depends. And, here’s four guidelines to shape your thinking. 1 The Usual Previously I shared my seven favourite podcasts. Typically these are interview […]

Tribal Leadership: Book Review

Tribal Leadership Book

The Tribal Leadership Book Dave Logan, John King and Halee Fischer-Wright Tribal Leadership: Leveraging Natural Groups to Build a Thriving Organization Resource-filled website : TribalLeadership.net The Big Idea Culture trumps all. And, cultures are built on the words people use to describe their worlds. Shift the words and you’ll shift actions and the tribe itself. […]

Guest Posts: Blood, Sweat and Spam

Matt Cutts

Guest Posts: The Opportunity The Huffington Post was launched back in May 2005. A mere five and a half years later, AOL bought it for US$315 million. That’s a cool $50 million a year. (Source: Wikipedia) Today, it remains one of the top 100 websites in the world. Last month, almost 60 million people visited […]

Andrew O’Brien: How to Build a Lifestyle Business

Andrew and Sue O'Brien: Couple on the Run

Andrew O’Brien talks about how he went from running as a hobby to turning it into a global lifestyle business. This is episode 025 of the Ideas Architect Podcast. Our Topic: How to Build A Global Lifestyle Business Today we’re talking about how to run a global business – literally. In particular how a couple […]

Weaknesses: Four Strategies to Overcome Yours

Things App - Super Simple Business Systems

Strengths and Weaknesses Previously, we talked about finding out about our strengths as the key to happiness and success. We also touched on working on our weaknesses. At least, I shared my weakness in not completing things and what I was going to do about it. Today, I wanted to go a little deeper and […]

Weakness: What’s Yours?

Strength and Weakness

Your Weakness Superman has Kryptonite. Batman has the Joker. Achilles had his heal. We all have a chief weakness. We all have an arch enemy. We all have something that stops us from getting what we want. Previously, I wrote about my strengths. It’s important to work in your strengths. This is where you’ll find […]

Content Marketing: How Much Should I Give Away?

Jamie Oliver

Finding a Recipe I don’t cook from recipes very often. Probably only once every two or three weeks. And, whilst I do have a handful of cookbooks, I don’t tend to use them anymore. I’m more likely to simply type something into the Google machine and see what comes back. Often, I’ll specifically look to […]

Strengths Finder: What are you great at?

Four Strengths Finder Questions

Strengths Finder Want to be happy? And, boost your wellbeing? And, be more satisfied with your life? Graeme Cowan suggests in his new book Back from the Brink, that we can achieve all of this if we simply work in our strengths. So, what are you great at? Whilst this post is all about me, […]

Eight Classic Ways to Structure Your Ebook

eBook Skeleton Head

How to Structure Your Ebook A lot of what has been written about creating ebooks and books focusses on the usual things of Topics, Planning, Writing, Editing, Publishing, Selling and Promoting. This is all useful stuff. And, it’s all pretty standard stuff. One of the big misses from this list is a key design element […]

Rework by Jason Fried: Book Review

Rework Book

Rework How You Get Things Done I’ve just re-read Re-work and thought a re-view would be useful. Sorry, couldn’t re-sist. Oops. I first read this book a few years ago. And, to be honest I raced through it without taking it to heart. I fell for the trap that Seth Godin was talking about called […]