Gandhi and the Spiders

A Favourite Movie I watched one of my favourite movies last night… the 1982 spectacular ‘Gandhi’. Yep, it’s now 26 years old and given it won 8 Academy Awards it might be worth a look simply because it’s a good movie. It’s presented in pseudo documentary style and I presume, given it’s a David Attenborough […]

Book Review : Grow by Jim Stengel

The Book Jim Stengel; Grow : How Ideals Power Growth and Profit at the World’s 50 Greatest Companies; Virgin Books, Random House, 2011 Précis Consistent business growth and working to improve people’s lives go hand in hand. Features Lots of long and strong case studies. A simple five part framework for action. Based on substantial […]

The C Word: Copyright and the Book Rapper Experience

The Number One Question I’m Asked… I often get asked by people about Book Rapper and copyright issues… Here’s my round-about, in-depth, multiple viewpoint response… Before I started Book Rapper, I spoke to a few people, including an IP lawyer, some authors and an Editor at a major publishing house. Generally I was told copyright is […]

Interview with Eric Knight – Reframe

Recently, we rapped Eric Knight’s book Reframe: How to Solve the World’s Trickiest Problems. And, I had the good fortune to meet with Eric in Sydney and do an interview with him. In the two-minute video, Eric gives a quick overview of his book. And, in the 25 minute audio interview we go into more […]

Book Review: Business Model Generation

The Book Business Model Generation by Alexander Osterwalder (left) and Yves Pigneur (right). Co-Authors Yves Pigneur was Alexander’s PhD supervisor. And, this book was born out of that collaboration. Co-created with 470 practitioners from 45 countries. Who is it For? To quote the book cover: “Visionaries, game-changers and challengers striving to defy outmoded business models and […]

Can a Book Summary Be Worth More than The Book?

I’ve been having some interesting conversations with people about books. Or more specifically, the value and pricing of books. All relative to ‘What’s Book Rapper worth?’ One the one hand we have the view that if the full book is say $20, then because the book summary is less than the full book it should […]