Archive | March, 2012

How to Steal Great Ideas From Other Bloggers

One of the best ways to find great new content is to steal it from other bloggers. And, with digital content it’s so easy to steal things. Let me clear… I’m not talking about piracy here. Piracy is when you take something that is not yours and you use it or re-distribute it without permission.…

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How to Look After Your Number One Asset

What’s the most important thing in your business? What would you point to as your number one business asset? I’m guessing most of us would immediately think of some of these things… my computer, my car, my phone, my internet connection, my website… These are all important and I’ve got a different answer. Finding Your…

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How to Learn Almost Anything

When you’re in business for yourself there’s always a lot of learning to do. And, this raises a really big and important question: How are you going to learn what you need to learn? At the moment I’m learning about product launches and creating online courses. And, I want to share with you my number…

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