How to Learn Almost Anything

Learn to Walk

When you’re in business for yourself there’s always a lot of learning to do. And, this raises a really big and important question:

How are you going to learn what you need to learn?

At the moment I’m learning about product launches and creating online courses. And, I want to share with you my number one learning strategy. And, I’m going to do this by asking you one basic question…

How did you learn to walk?

Given you probably can’t think back that far to remember your actual process, have a guess at what you did… I’ll give you a clue…

We inherit more from our parents than just our physical genetics.

Have you guessed it yet? The answer I’m looking for to learn almost anything is:

Model Others

One of our most effective learning strategies is to learn from other people. And, one of the simplest way to do this is to:

  • Find someone who does what you want to do
  • Study what they do – look for the principles behind the actions,
  • Then do it. Check and compare your results, and
  • Modify your actions to modify your results.

This is the number one reason why you should follow other successful people. And, equally why you should seriously consider buying their products and courses. This is the shortcut to success and putting your money on the table demonstrates your commitment.

In the last couple of days I’ve bought:

I’ll be learning from their content (what they say) as well as their process (how they do it). Here’s some questions to help you learn almost anything…

  • What are you learning right now?
  • Who are your masters and mentors?
  • How can you model their success?
  • Could you accelerate your learning by buying their product or course?
  • What’s your learning strategy?

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