Your Connection Profile Score

RAP4 : What’s Your Glue Score?

Derived from: Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation

PROFIT :  How did you score? What did you learn? What will you do differently? Your challenge for this issue is to improve your Glue Score in the next 30 days. Are you up for it? Ready, set, go…

Step 1: Response

Write down your responses to the nine questions, eg 1E, 2B, 3C

Step 2: Score

Then score yourself based on the following scale:
A =1
B = 2
C = 3
D = 4
E = 5
For example, if you responded with ‘B’, score 2 points.

Step 3: Total

Add up your total score.

Step 4: What’s your Glue Score?

Compare your score to these ratings…

0-9     Basic Glue
10-19     Passive Glue
20-29    Selective Glue
30-39    Active Glue
40-50    Super Glue

Step 5: What did you learn? What will you do differently?

Add your thoughts and comments below.

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