How to Build Your Connection Profile Score

Learning Glue

Derived from: Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation

H.I.T.S. : How to Build Your Connection ProfileYour Connection Profile is based upon four distinct HITS: Hunt, Interact, Test/Trial and Share. They also provide clues for Connected Learning. Change the way you Hunt, Interact, Test/Trial and/or Share and you’ll change your Glue Score too.


How do you search for the information you need? With search technology like Google and collaborative encyclopedias like Wikipedia our job is much easier than it used to be. How do you use your connections to find out what is hot?


Once you’ve hunted down what you’re looking for, what then? The days of mere passive responses to information have been replaced by the two-way Web. Now we can watch video, click on slides, post comments, write blogs and interact with the whirl wide web. How are you info-teracting?


Highly connected people value their connection methods and tools. They test new applications regularly, trial them, implement the ones that work and delete the ones that don’t.


Highly connected people are more likely to share what they know and who they know. It’s all part of collaboration and adding value to their connections. Are you hoarding or applauding others?

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