Connection Profile 1: Basic Glue

Following from our Connection Profile Questionnaire, here’s 11 factors that provide a deeper explanation of our first profile type: Basic Glue.

Derived from: Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation

PROFIT :  Basic Glue reflects a bygone era where having a yack over the back fence was enough connecting for one day. Your style reflects nature and you don’t make a lot of effort getting to know the locals. Beware: you may be left behind.

Connection Profile 1: Basic GlueImage

Two people talking face-to-face. Reflects a classical or traditional view of connection. Their imagery reflects nature and creation.

Technology Adoption

I’m conservative. Typically called a laggard or a reluctant. Their preference for the natural way or perhaps the phone, shows they’re not overly keen on using technology to connect with others. They’re probably still using a rolodex, business card file or a handwritten address book. And, they’re unlikely to be involved in social networks online.


I delegate – I let someone else do it for me. A Basic Connector will get someone else, typically a savvy connector, to do it for them where ever possible. This might be a friend, partner, sibling, PA or grandchild.

Technology Effectiveness

I stick to what I know. Their catchphrase is ‘If it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it’. They have no desire to try out newer technology.


It’s not important. Other things are more important in life. Perhaps keeping a very small close group of friends is enough.

Time Investment

Minimal. Connecting is not significant so why invest time into it.

Network Size

0-50. Without the technology and without the attention, their networks are naturally small compared to others. They probably know at least one connection agent so they can delegate their tasks to them.

Management Style

Randomly and adhoc. No planning here. They tend to ‘bump into people’ and call when ‘they’re thinking about you’.

Mobile Use

I rarely use my mobile (or don’t have one). A mobile is not really necessary as they can connect often enough via the home phone.


May be left out of conversations or left behind. Particularly in the commercial world, they’re unlikely to meet the right people to move themselves onward and upward.

Moving Forward

May need a confidence boost. This group may need a helping hand and some simple applications with few features to get them started.

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