Connection Profile 2: Passive Glue

Following from our Connection Profile Questionnaire, here’s 11 factors that provide a deeper explanation of our second profile type: Passive Glue.

Derived from: Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation

PROFIT : Passive Glue is like being a passenger in a bus – you’re just sitting back enjoying the ride whilst letting someone do the driving. Connecting is not a priority and you respond to others without showing initiative. Manyana…

Connection Profile 2: Passive GlueImage

A jigsaw puzzle. Reflects a conceptual or theoretical view of connecting. Their imagery may include puzzles, connect the dots or converging arrows.

Technology Adoption

I wait for the technology to be established. Typically called a Late Adopter or the Late Majority – they wait until the technology is entrenched before venturing forward.


I sit back and let others drive. They’re like a passenger in a bus, letting others drive things forward. Their passive approach is casual, inconsistent and haphazard.

Technology Effectiveness

I understand how to and choose not to. It’s not because they can’t, they’re simply not that interested in participating. They may surf the web but are unlikely to post content or make comments on blogs.


It’s not a priority. I guess they’ve just got other things in life that are more important.

Time Investment

Not a lot. Why spend time on it when it’s not that important.

Network Size

50-100. Their modest network is often limited to friends, family and peer groups. They may belong to one online social or business group and know at least one connection agent.

Management Style

In response to others. Not likely to initiate contact, they’ll wait for you to make the move. They’ll also guard their network as if they’re members of an exclusive club.

Mobile Use

I’m a basic level mobile phone user. They’ll happily answer their phone when they want to. Otherwise they’ll screen your call by letting it go through to voice mail.


Challenged by the adoption rate. They may miss out on being part of things if their connections stop inviting them. May regress to a basic connector if not stimulated by their friends.

Moving Forward

Open to being cajoled. This group may be convinced to connect if the need arises and they can align with others who are connectors.

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