Connection Profile 3: Selective Glue

Following from our Connection Profile Questionnaire, here’s 11 factors that provide a deeper explanation of our third profile type: Selective Glue.

Derived from: Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation

PROFIT : Selective Glue is a take it or leave it phenomenon. You select your connections carefully, you enjoy being efficient and effective and you spend just enough time to get the job done. If you created the right reason you might connect more, or less.

Connection Profile 3: Selective GlueImage

Lips. Reflects a relational view of connecting and favours a personable approach. Their imagery may include a handshake, a kiss or lightning bolt.

Technology Adoption

Sometimes I jump in, sometimes not. Typically called the Early Majority, they’re proficient and engaged – when they want to be.


I select my connections carefully. Their planned approach is dependent upon their situation. They may get into action when a business need arises, a friend in need or a special occasion.

Technology Effectiveness

I’m open to new ways of to be more efficient. If a new tool can help them be more efficient then they’re interested, otherwise there’s no incentive to act.


It’s about being efficient and effective. They tend to manage their connections like a storeman manages his stock: as efficiently and effectively as possible. They’ll use the right tool for the right message and that’s it.

Time Investment

Enough to get the job done. They can be proactive and planned, engaged and committed when their connecting is on their own terms. They can also act decisively when the need arises.

Network Size

100-150. They’re likely to be members of 2-3 online social or business groups and they’re discriminating about who they link to. No automatic Twitter followers here! They also know who to connect to if they so desire.

Management Style

When I need to. They’ll manage their online connections efficiently so they can spend more time with their offline friends and family face-to-face or by phone.

Mobile Use

I’m an advanced mobile phone user. Will use multiple devices to get the job done. This includes voice calling, texting, bluetooth and they’ll screen their calls through Caller ID.


If pressed for time they’ll cut their connecting. Given their situational responsiveness they can cut their online activities to suit. They can also be overly selective in connecting and miss out on hidden opportunities or get stuck in a particular social group.

Moving Forward

Give me a reason to. Selectives will step up to the plate if given the right incentive to do so. They’re capable and participate effectively, it’s just not their main priority.

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