Connection Profile 4: Active Glue

Following from our Connection Profile Questionnaire, here’s 11 factors that provide a deeper explanation of our fourth profile type: Active Glue.

Derived from: Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation

PROFIT : Active Glue is an initiator. You’re driven to connect, adopt new technology and identify new ways of being more effective. You’re consistent, practical and you need to be gainfully employed in connecting – otherwise you’ll lose interest.

Connection Profile 4: Active GlueImage

A bridge. Reflects a physical view of connecting. Their connection imagery may include bridges, chains, wires, switches, power points, phones and even sex!

Technology Adoption

I’m open to new technology. Typically described as an Early Adopter. They understand technology and they use it drive their connections.


I’m driven depending upon what I need. They actively seek interaction with people, information, experiences and ideas. They perceive this to be a commercially and socially valuable activity. They drive their connections to suit their needs and as a means to creating opportunities.

Technology Effectiveness

I quickly identify new applications. They astutely identify how an application can benefit them. Once adopted they immerse themselves in it. They constantly review and experiment with new technologies to tweak out greater efficiency.


I initiate connection where I can. They initiate connection by taking the lead. They’ll state what they want, comment on what others say and they’ll seek input, feedback and collaboration.

Time Investment

Significant. Connecting is a priority so they’ll invest heavily in it with time, energy and adopting new technology.

Network Size

150-300. They’ll be part of 2-5 social or business groups and 1-2 online networks. They’re a powerful ally for a basic or passive connector as they’ll lead and listen to build a loyal following.

Management Style

Regularly, practically and consistently. They plan, prioritize and practise communicating with their connections on a regular basis. They’re happy to share with others because it builds a greater collective value.

Mobile Use

I need my smart phone, eg iPhone. They use multiple applications and devices. They embrace social media, are members of interest groups and are likely to blog their thoughts. They’re available 24/7 and prefer text over voicemail because it’s more immediate.


Need to be gainfully employed in connecting. Their connections are important to them so being in a position to work with them is vital. Otherwise they’ll lose interest and lower their output.

Moving Forward

Take on a bigger challenge. To move forward Actives need a bigger challenge where their network becomes their goal and not merely a means to achieving something.

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