Connection Profile 5: Super Glue

Following from our Connection Profile Questionnaire, here’s 11 factors that provide a deeper explanation of our fifth profile type: Super Glue.

Derived from: Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation

PROFIT :  Super Glue is a life designed around connecting. You can’t survive without your ‘Crackberry’, you’re highly disciplined and super-efficient. You have a large network, you know what works and you’re driven to stay ahead at all costs.

Connection Profile 5: Super GlueImage

A network diagram. Reflects a structural approach to connecting. Their connection imagery may include family trees, network diagrams or organizational charts.

Technology Adoption

I must have the latest. Typically described as an innovator this group is a connection technology expert. They’re the first to try out a new technology. They’ll research it heavily before investing and with quick tests and short trials they’ll be able to prove it.


I’m highly disciplined. These people are connection machines – they’re highly organized, disciplined, innovative and know how to execute and measure their connections. They demonstrate their expertise through their discipline.

Technology Effectiveness

Instinctively know what will work better. They just know what will work! They know which application will produce which result and they just do it!


It’s my whole world! This group are not merely connecting, they’re building their world and shaping it through their network. Every connection is a potentially valuable opportunity. This is not a chore, it’s their life!

Time Investment

Maximum. Given their network is their world, then a maximum effort is to be expected. They spend as much time maintaining their network as they do adding to it.

Network Size

300+ They’ll connect to anyone with a mutual interest and encourage inter-connection and practice collaboration. A highly diverse network of friends, families, colleagues, customers, prospects, suppliers and acquaintances potentially spread across the globe. They’re members of two or more networks and five or more interest groups.  They’re highly valued as mentors and role models.

Management Style

I’m highly disciplined and very efficient. Supers know how to retain and attract the right connections. They do this through their discipline.

Mobile Use

I always have my ‘Crackberry’ with me. They must stay connected no matter what via their Blackberry, email, IM and online networks on their phone. They breathe through their connections!


Staying ahead at all costs. Their drive to stay ahead can be an endless chase. They can also be seen as aggressive and intrusive in their all-consuming quest for connection.

Moving Forward

Make a difference! When you get to this point, the only thing left to do is change the world! Put your connections to work…

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