Build Your Network 1: The Three Gluers

PROFIT : Now you know what type of Connector you currently are, the next question is: Who do you want to become? We start our expansive action plan with the 3R’s to enable you to connect and grow rich…

Derived from: Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation

Reason, Relationship, Return


Why do you want to connect? For what purpose?
Do you want to meet people, stay in touch, find out the latest goss, keep up with the latest ideas or simply for the love of humanity…


What type of connections do you want to create?
Are you looking for potential clients, future husbands, old school friends or just wanting to hang out with like minded soup lovers…


What do you want to get out of connecting?
Do you want to be a micro-celebrity, be C’d with the rich and famous, visible in your expertise or career space, or overcome your loneliness…

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