Build Your Network 2: Personal Glue-ing

PROFIT : Here’s the PLAN you need for glue-ing your personal connections. It’s a simple four step process to add meaning, balance and long-lasting value to your community.
Derived from: Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation

Personalize, Listen, Activate, NurturePersonalize

How can you make your connections more meaningful?
Online may not be as intimate as face to face and it’s the quality of connection that matters. How intimate do you want to be?


Who are you listening to? What are you listening for?
Web 2.0 is a two-way conversation. That’s one part speaking and one listening. What are the preferences of your network?


What systems will you put in place to generate and manage your connections?
To achieve your outcomes you’ll need to manage, maintain and grow your connections. Get organised!


What are the different ways your connections can interact with you and each other?
Play the long-term game and nourish your connections with regular bites provided in a variety of ways.

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