Build Your Network 3: Group Glue-ing

PROFIT : What happens when a few people glue together? They become a GROUP and the focus changes. Here’s how to keep your community on song, growing, learning and helping each other.

Derived from: Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation

Gather, Regulate, Organize, Unite, Participate


When, Where and How are we getting together as a group?
Purely face to face, online or some combination of the two?


What activities and behaviours are we promoting and discouraging?
Is someone in charge – a moderator? Or, is it open slather?


How are we going to arrange connections and points of contact?
Online systems define the organization for you. In most cases, simply and effectively.


What’s the common interest that  binds us together?
People only come together for a specific reason, what’s the glue that’ll hold your group together?


When and why are we going to interact with each other?
When participation falls below a critical point the group will fail. What will you do to keep people engaged?

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