Your Connection Profile Questionnaire

RAP3 : You Who Glue?

Derived from: Iggy Pintado; Connection Generation

PROFIT :  Which type of glue are you? Here’s a Profiling Tool to let you find out your connection strengths, weaknesses and style. Simply write down your ABCDE responses to the nine questions and check your score in our next post.

1 Which image best represents your view of connection?

A  Two people talking face-to-face
B  A jigsaw puzzle
C  Lips kissing
D A bridge
E  A network diagram

2 How would you describe your adoption rate of new technology?

A  I’m conservative
B  I wait for the technology to be established
C  Sometimes I jump in, sometimes not
D  I’m open to new technology
E  I must have the latest

3 Which strategy best describes the way you connect with other people?

A  I delegate – I let someone else do it for me
B  I sit back and let others drive
C  I select my connections carefully
D  I’m driven depending upon what I need
E  I’m highly disciplined

4 How would you rate your effectiveness in using connection technology.

A  I stick to what I know
B  I understand how to and choose not to
C  I’m open to new ways of to be more efficient
D  I quickly identify new applications
E  I instinctively know what will work better

5 Which of the following best describes your attitude to connecting with others?

A  It’s not important
B  It’s not a priority
C  It’s about being efficient and effective
D  I initiate connection where I can
E  It’s my whole world!

6 How much direct time do you invest in managing your connections?

A  Minimal
B  Not a lot
C  Enough to get the job done
D  Significant
E  Maximum

7 How many people are in your total network both online and offline?

A  0-50
B  50-100
C  100-150
D  150-300
E  300+

8 How do you manage your network of connections?

A  Randomly and adhoc
B  In response to others
C  When I need to
D  Regularly, practically and consistently
E  I’m highly disciplined and very efficient

9 How do you use your mobile phone to manage your connections?

A  I rarely use my mobile (or don’t have one)
B  I’m a basic level mobile phone user
C  I’m an advanced mobile phone user
D  I need my smart phone, eg iPhone,
E  I always have my ‘Crackberry’ with me

Score yourself

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