What’s your world: Scarcity or Generosity?

What’s your world: Scarcity or Generosity?

Derived from…
Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable
I am a Genius

RAP3 : Your Choice (3)

Your Worldview

How do you see the world?

  • Do you play to protect and restrict and ultimately maintain the status quo?
  • Or are you actively playing to enlarge the pie for everyone?
  • Are you living in scarcity?
  • Do you hang onto, hide and hoard your best ideas?
  • Do you see a limited range of opportunities or are they bountiful?
  • Are you stingy or generous?

The generous spirit shares their gift.
They create and innovate to produce better results for everyone.
And the more they contribute the more rewards come their way.

Who do you choose to be in the future?
Scarce or generous?
A cog or a Linchpin?

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