New Rules for Your New Career

New Rules for Your New Career

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Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable

What’s your world: Scarcity or Generosity?

RAP4 : Your New Job
PROFIT : Being a Linchpin is not about quitting your job. It’s about being an artist and doing great work in your current job,
your future job and your own business. Here’s some Linchpinning (someone had to turn it into a verb!) rules for making your job work.

Steve Jobs once said ‘Real Artists Ship’. They get things done, they work things out and they deliver. What are you shipping and when is it going out?

Stand out because you’re willing to stand up. That’s your new work motto. Hold true to your values, don’t sell out, voice your thoughts and be willing to cause the results that’s needed.

Real artists don’t paint by numbers. They start with a blank canvas. Throw out the instruction manual & start creating your own map. Yep, this one might just get you into trouble and into your art. At some point to truly be an artist you’ll need to create a fresh path.

Artists are artists. They don’t turn it on and off like a light switch. And they don’t blame their tools. They use what’s in front of them to make art. That’s why it’s art! If you’re waiting for the right time, tools and place you’re resisting!

Be bold, be brave and be a catalyst for change. If there’s no change, there’s no art. Be the designer who is deliberately creating the future you want to see rather than being at the effect of the one imposed upon you.

Turning up to work is not enough. You need to bring your whole body, mind, heart, soul, attention, intention and emotions to your work. Start caring, daring and baring it all at work. Art is created by humans for humans. Re-humanize your work!

Not all artists can draw. Some dance, some sing, some talk, some get things done, some make it happen, some connect others, some say what others won’t. What’s your gift? Define your genius and create your art.

Artists don’t just talk about things – unless that’s their art. You’ll need to spend the time, commit your emotions and devote yourself fully to your work. Anything less wouldn’t be worthy of a true artist.

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