What’s Your Special Talent?

What’s Your Special Talent?

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Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable

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RAP5 : Your Art

PROFIT : What’s your special talent, your genius, your gift, your artistry? The ancient greek aphorism ‘Know Thyself’ is the clue you need to revealing your great talent. And here’s eight suggestions for you to uncover what your artfulness is made of.

Are you the bridge, the interface & the connection between management and workers or company and customers?

Can you manage situations of great complexity? Do you stand tallest when the crisis is the deepest?

Can you combine deep domain knowledge with smart decision making in an inclusive way?

Are you the open, kind and generous one who can see a situation for what it is without the filter of arrogance?

Are you truly the creative one with the insight, courage and generosity? Do you turn ideas into things that ship?

Do you possess a superpower talent like Superman? Perhaps, you’re unstoppable, have laser-like focus or you’re invincible in the face of opposition…

Are you the one that connects, identifies and revels in interacting with your customers? Do your customers respect, follow and admire you?

Can you inspire, motivate and excite your team to make things happen?

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