Web Line, Part 4: RAP1: Trust Has Changed

Web Line, Part 4: RAP1: Trust Has Changed

Book Rapper Review of Trust Agents

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Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Trust Agents

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RAP1: Trust has changed
: Who we trust has changed. Previously we trusted TV, the news, PR, Advertising and even politicians. Now we don’t. We do trust our friends. And, online we have Trust Agents.

What’s a Trust Agent?
They’re digital natives, non-sales oriented, genuine, transparent, connectors of people and power users of the new web tools.
They experiment with new things, humanize business and they help us make sense of the world.

They’re likely to have multiple online channels: a potent blog, a website, be active in social media, post videos on YouTube, have a photostream on Flickr and recommend stuff on Digg and Delicious.

And, you don’t call yourself a Trust Agent. It’s a title others defer to you.

Why is Social Capital Important?
Capital is any form of wealth capable of being employed for generating more wealth.

Social Capital is the power we generate from knowing and working with other people.
It could be in the form of a referral, collaboration, advice, keeping up with what’s hot or just chilling over a cold beer.

Think of your network as a resource for getting things done.
And, for spreading your ideas.

And, remember your social capital is built on trust.

Human Business
Business was, is, and always will be about human’s interacting with each other.
And, sometimes it’s more human than before.

Now, with two-way conversational marketing and personal media channels through blogs, etc. the human touch has just got stronger.

We have the power to connect with many and still keep it personal.
It’s time to leave the supermarket and head back to the corner shop!

One-way marketing and BIG media meant the mass approach lightened the personal touch. We were all treated the same. Did you feel less human?

Trust Agent Qualities

  1. Stand Out : If you’re not outstanding you won’t stand out.
  2. Belong : Be ‘One of Us’ to gain credibility and trust.
  3. Use Leverage : Do more with less with the new web tools.
  4. Build Relationships : Be at the centre of a wide social network.
  5. Be Helpful : Use your soft skills to help, understand and partner.
  6. Assemble an Army : To create massive results inspire others.

Actions: Start Here!

  • Listen : What are people saying about you? To listen get a Gmail account and start an RSS feed of your name and key words via Technorati.
  • Blog : Start blogging or post more. This is your main channel! See Book Rapper issue We Blog
  • Comment : Read blogs and value-add with comments.
  • FAQ : What does your audience want to know? Start answering their questions. Instant expert!

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