Web Line 9: 6 Ways to Use Leverage to Multiply Your Results

Web Line 9: 6 Ways to Use Leverage to Multiply Your Results

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Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Trust Agents

RAP3: Belong (2)

RAP4: Use Leverage
: How much influence can one person have? If the web is one giant lever then we have the tools to change the world. It’s time to multiply our results by working smart.

Leverage is not new.
Every piece of technology is a form of letting us do more with less effort. Eg. your car lets you travel further and more easily than riding a bike or walking.
The Web gives us new tools and new opportunities to make more of what we have.

6 Ways to Leverage Online
Leverage has a number of guises on the web.

  1. Trust : It’s the glue for our relationships. The greater the trust the greater potential to work on bigger things.
  2. Relationships : If you help people because you want to, your network will become a resource to lever for far bigger results. .
  3. Time : It’s scarce. Use web tools to automate repeated actions, RSS feeds to draw content to you and listen to podcasts whilst walking, driving and cooking.
  4. Reuse : Take one advantage and apply it elsewhere. For instance, when you build a community in one area, you can easily extend it into another.
  5. Arbitrage : This is buying something at one price and selling it a higher price. For instance, buying traffic on Google to enable more sales.
  6. Infrastructure : Use the tools and platforms to work for you. For instance, Ning provide a pre-built community tool. It saves you building your own from scratch.

Actions: Identity Leverage
Follow Gary Vaynerchuk’s lead to multiply your online identity:

  • Be bold about your purpose. If you let others know your goal they may be able to help you achieve it.
  • Be everywhere – share your content and expertise freely on the web and be seen.
  • Be relentless – keep going regardless of the circumstances.
  • Be gracious – be thankful of your fans.

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