Web Line 10: The Almost Obvious Secret to Web Success

Web Line 10: The Almost Obvious Secret to Web Success

Derived From
Chris Brogan and Julien Smith, Trust Agents


Web Line 9: 6 Ways to Use Leverage to Multiply Your Results

RAP4: Use Leverage, continued

Community Protection
No, we’re not suggesting you create your own mafia.
This unusual form of leverage is contrary to traditional business.

Don’t sell to your community.

Be their gatekeeper instead.
Protect them.
And, let the good stuff pass through.
And, they’ll love you even more.
Ultimately, they’ll look after you with indirect sales.

The Almost Obvious Secret to Web Success

Stop telling people!
Stop trying to get people to read your blog!
Stop chasing people!
Web success is an attraction process.
It’s all in the design of your message.

Create sticky content that gets people talking.

Leveraging Social Media
The web makes it easy to make direct relationships.
Use this to your advantage.
Complement one-to-one customer service like call centres with one-to-many social media.
A question answered online can satisfy many people.
Build a wiki, tweetstream or Facebook page to answer your customers questions.

Leverage Your Time
The single biggest way to leverage your time is to delegate your workload.
Get clear about what must be done and do what you do best.
Outsource or delegate everything else.

Crowdsourcing is delegation on steroids.
Once you attract your community, think about how you collaborate to build things together.
Remember, Wikipedia was created by a team of online volunteers.

Actions: Think
Plan your Leverage.

Strategic thinking is the leverage of the mind.
Create a plan to make the most of your opportunities.

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